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I’m Hannah and I’m so glad you’re here. Visiting my website, looking at our offerings, and most importantly, seeking help to have a better life!

Just a little bit about me, I live with my husband, Hunt, and my cat, Hamilton, in Orlando, Florida. We are newbies to FL and absolutely love it! If I’m not working, I can most likely be found with Hunt exploring Walt Disney World or taking pictures of Hammy- he really is the cutest cat!

As far as creating this business, it started with me learning that I needed organization in order to function and handle my anxiety. I really noticed that I needed to do something differently when I moved away for college. When our dorm was disorganized, I couldn’t focus on what I needed to focus on. When I couldn’t focus, my grades suffered. When my grades suffered, my anxiety was intensified.

Physical clutter and disorganization can be linked to anxiety, wasted time, wasted resources, and can distract you from important parts of your life. That is exactly what happened to be in college and since then, I have worked on creating organizational systems that work for me and now, I am able to share my knowledge with you.

Flash forward to know, I am working my dream job! I have a team of organizers that I have trained to help those in need.

Getting to know our clients is what sets us apart. We learn your habits, preferences, and lifestyle and create custom systems that will work for you, longterm. One thing to note about organizing: It is not a one size fit all situation.

If you’re overwhelmed, short on time, or are noticing that you need to make a change in order to function the best that you can, Home Refreshment is here to help.


Hannah Hearin, owner of Home Refreshment