Simplifying Your Morning Routine

Hello- and welcome to my first ever blog post! 

No lunch packed, unmade bed, dirty towels on the floor, with only 5 minutes left until you need to be walking out the door... sound familiar? Nothing gets me off to a bad start like not having enough time in the morning. Say BYE to wasted and rushed time and say YES to a stressless and enjoyable morning! Stick to these 5 tips to start your day off in the best way possible. ( Disclosure: There will STILL be days where you oversleep , can't find the lint brush roller, and burn your breakfast but the point is to create a morning routine that makes even those days flow just a bit easier!) 

1.  Pack you lunch and snacks the night before.
(Time Saved: 5-7 minutes) 



So simple, and you're probably saying, well DUH! But what I actually mean is... put down the glass of wine, pause your TV show, and make yourself take the 5 minutes to save the time in the morning. Pack a lunch, snack, water bottle, even set out your breakfast if possible beforehand so that it is ready to go! (I.e. Protein bar, Oatmeal packet, Fruit) One thing I like to do is pack my lunch, and place in the fridge the night before. I leave a Post-It note right by my purse that REMINDS me of where my lunch is to limit the chances of me walking out without it. Okay, GREAT!, now resume Wine and Netflix. 

2. Pick clothes out the night before.
(Time Saved: 5-10 minutes)


This is one that I have a problem with, seeing as I never know what mood I am going to be in the next day or what the weather will be like. However, get in the habit of checking the weather the night before. If there is a chance of rain, set your rain jacket beside your purse and keys. I always try set out the basics that I know I will need for the next day. Just a few less drawers you have to go through during a rushed morning! 

3. Make your bed.
(Time Spent: 3 Minutes)

This isn't a time saver, but a "mind" saver. After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is have to make your bed, only to crawl right back in it. Making it a habit to make your bed in the morning streamlines your evening and is an easy thing to mark off of your To-Do list! (Anyone else have a sense of satisfaction crossing an item off your To-Do list like I do??) 


4. Throw a load of laundry in the night before.
(Time Saved: 5 minutes)


I like to do this to stay on top of our laundry. Even though it is just me and my husband (and our 2 cats) who live here, we tend to accumulate towels quickly. I like to put our white linens in before we head to bed. I normally will set the timer on my washer so that the cycle finishes just before I am set to wake up. Tossing the towels into the dryer takes just a minute and it makes all the difference. Nothing worse than a mound of dirty towels piled up- am I right?? 

5. Gather all items you need and have them ready to go in the morning. 
(Time Saved: 5 minutes- more if you have to search for your keys!)


I am world's worst about dropping my keys in my purse and calling it a day. But instead of spending your last (precious) moments before you walk out the door hugging your husband, kissing your cat (wait, reverse those?) you have to dig in your purse only to pull out old receipts, lip gloss, a membership saving card... basically everything except your keys. Take the time to hang them on a hook, or place them in a bowl on a table beside the door to spend the last few minutes the way you really want to! 

There ya have it, 20 extra minutes in the morning! Not only are you going to be ahead of the game for getting to work, but you've already completed a few chores around the house to lighten your load in the evening. What other time saving tips do you implement in your morning routine? 

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