5 Summer Items to Declutter

Summer is for spontaneity- you want to grab that swim bag and head out to enjoy the sun ASAP. I'm with you, girlfriend. That's why I've created this list of 5 Summer items to declutter. Fun times full of sunshine, long days, and the beach await! 

Summer PIc.jpg

1. Beach Towels- These are an item I rarely see gone through or donated... because "Everyone needs extra beach towels!" However, take 5 minutes and go through them. If you have old towels that are faded and have cheesy characters on them your child no longer loves, toss them. Replace them. You can thank me later.

Beach Towels.jpg

2. Sunscreen- Did you know that sunscreen loses it's strength after a certain amount of time? The Mayo Clinic says 3 years is the max shelf life of sunscreen. Before you toss that sunscreen into your beach bag, check that expiration date and toss the old out. 

Sunscreen photo.jpg

3. Swimsuits- This one should be a given but I know many people hold on to bikinis that have seen better days (with hopes of seeing the body of better days too!).. clear the space, clear the guilt with having a swimsuit that shames you every time you're reminded you don't fit into it... and treat yourself to a new swimmie that makes you feel FAB. 



4- Flip Flops and Sandals- GIRL. You are never going to wear those old raggedy shoes that needed to be lost in the sand last Summer again this year. Trust me.. I am ALL for keeping the good stuff but if you have any cheap, junky flip flops that are shoved in the back of a closet in a pile, do yourself a favor and set them free. Invest in some durable flip-flops and stop being tempted for the cheap plastic ones that easily break.. I love Old Navy too- but not for flip flops. 


Flip FLops.jpg

5. Beach Bag- Everyone has one (or 5) and they are junk magnets. Wrappers from pool snacks, broken goggles, pool rings, change for the Sno Cone truck...  Just take a few quick minutes to clean it out, restock it with necessities, and enjoy not having to lug around 15 pounds of junk, plus pool toys, cooler, kids... 

Beach Bags.jpg

I have a feeling that this is going to be the Best. Summer. Ever. I hope you find a Summer full of Sun, Fun, and Adventure! Please let me know if you have any other Summer declutters- I love hearing what others do to make the most of their days to enjoy what really matters in life. 

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