Frequently Asked Questions

What does a professional Organizer do?

A professional organizer is a leader in assisting you in having your BEST LIFE YET. A home of clutter takes away from the purpose of a home. A professional organizer will restore your home with your help, and make a happy home that feels fresh and relaxing. 

What can I expect during our consultation? 

Prior to consultation, you will receive a phone call or email to set a time and date that we can meet. During this time, we will be discussing the things you like/dislike about the space, objectives of the project, and getting on the same page about our first steps working together! After we establish the goals, we will look at which package fits your needs and budget. 

Are you going to force me get rid of things?

Only if you want to! A big portion of organizing requires decluttering, however, you have the final say on what stays and what goes. The main goal is to get rid of the clutter so you can spend more time enjoying the things in life that really matter. 

How long will it take? 

This depends on many factors including the nature of the project as well as the involvement of the client. The declutter process can oftentimes hold up the project but we will work together as efficiently as possible in order to make the most of our time together. After seeing your space, we will establish a good starting point for session packages. 

Do I need to be present during our session?

This is up to you. Most of the time, clients want to be working hand in hand in order to make the most progress and use of time together. If you choose not to be present during the session, I must be able to reach you via phone or email. 

When and how am I expected to pay?

At the end of your consultation, we will go over the packages and determine which fits your needs. If you choose to purchase a package, it must be paid in full (credit or debit card) at the time of purchase. If you choose to purchase hourly, payment will be due at the beginning of each session and can be paid by debit or credit card as well.